The Supreme Group of Construction was founded in 2001 in Indore under the leadership of Late Sushil.A.Sharma. The company began its journey as a partnership firm called M/s M.R. Mittal & Company and took on a variety of projects in cities such as Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and Gujarat. Some of the company’s major projects during this time included the Bombay Dutch palace buildings and the Cotton Mills of Mumbai for various companies. In 2012, the company expanded its operations to focus on projects in and around Mumbai. Since its inception, the Supreme Group of Construction has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality construction services and has completed a diverse range of projects in many different cities.


The company, originally founded as S.Y. Samal & Company by Mr Shrikant S. and Mr S.Y. Samal, has a long and illustrious history in the construction industry in Pune. In 1981, it underwent a rebranding and became known as Samal Builders. As the business continued to grow and expand, the company transformed into Samal Constructions Pvt. Ltd. in 1983 and added a real estate wing called Baldota Samal & Asso. in 1985. Over the past 57 years, it has established itself as a leading player in the construction industry, completing over 104 projects and building more than 2 million square feet in the past 40 years.

Mr Sunil Sharma joined the company in 2005 and has been an integral part of its success. He has worked tirelessly to uphold the company’s commitment to quality, ensuring that each project meets the highest standards. Under his leadership, the company has continued to thrive and grow. The current directors of the company are Mr Akash. S. Sharma, Mr. Mehul . R. Sharma, and Mr. Nikita A. Sharma, all of whom are dedicated to maintaining the company’s legacy of excellence.


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